Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ / Payment


In order to use our services, you can make your payment through Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, ATM and Cash (case to case basis). As soon as you have made and confirm your payment, a notification will be sent to you via app/email.

Please make the transfer within 2 hours. Your transaction will be terminated if the transfer is made after the time limit, and you would have to redo the transaction process.

Our transactions are time-sensitive due to possibilities of currency change/volatility, which is why we would appreciate that payments are paid within the given time period

No. In order to keep the process safe and secure, we will not accept payments made from a different name bank account. You can only transfer from the bank account of the same Adaremit account name.

You can contact our Customer Service. Please note, once the funds have been processed to the recipient, the transaction cannot be cancelled.

When your transaction has failed, we will contact you to refund your money.

We will notify you via email and notification apps about your rejected transfer.

Yes, you can make bulk payment via Adaremit. This feature is currently only available for business accounts.

For assistance on multiple or customized transactions, feel free to contact us.

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